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Full Denture


Complete or full dentures also known as dental plates or false teeth is a device that is used to substitute your natural teeth when they have all been removed. Our natural teeth does more than just help with breaking down delicious foods, they play a major role in the facial support and proper speech. Correctly made complete dentures can greatly improve eating abilities, better pronunciation of words and may also provide you with a more youthful appearance.


Gone are the days where you go see the dentist and just get given teeth. In many cases these teeth just didn’t seem right, they may not have suited your face, appearing too big, too small or it just didn’t capture you as an individual.  

At Dyverse Dentures, we believe a set of dentures should not only be functional, but it should also look natural and be individualised to your needs. In our practice, you will be highly involved in your treatment and will help determine which shade, shape of teeth is to be selected and how they are arranged and positioned in your mouth.

Book now for a free consultation with our dedicated team to discuss complete denture options that are best suited for you. Together we can put up a treatment plan that will help achieve the desired outcome and get you confidently smiling again.    

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