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Partial dentures

Partial dentures are false teeth or dental plates that can be used to replace missing teeth with either the upper or the lower arch of the mouth. At Dyverse dentures we offer varies types of partial denture options to suit for every type of situation; acrylic, flexible or metal partial denture.


Missing teeth can put a damper on our smile and it can hinder eating and speech functions. But what is not commonly known is that when teeth are missing in the mouth it can cause the remaining teeth to drift towards the gap causing various dysfunction and it may lead to further tooth lost.  A Properly designed partial denture act as a space maintainer to keep the remaining teeth in place and help with proper oral functions.


At Dyverse Dentures, we pride ourselves to not only achieve the basic requirement of a partial denture but to go beyond with aesthetics to give you that non-denture looking smile. We may not be able to change your existing natural teeth, but our highly skilled team can manipulate teeth arrangement and choose the correct color to match your existing dentition to restore the smile everyone deserves.

Book a free consultation with our dedicated clinician Today to discuss the about the different types of partial denture options that are suited for you and bring back that smile you deserve!

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